All About Moroccan Argan Oil and Why You Should Use It

Argan Oil Moroccan WomenMoroccan Argan oil has been used by tribes for centuries for its beneficial properties. It is made from the kernel of the Argan tree, which bears a particular type of fruit. After the fruit has reached maturity it is then dried and prepared for extraction. The valuable oil that is obtained can be used cosmetically and also has culinary uses as well. And it makes sense that any natural oil that can be consumed by humans is natural enough to be used on skin, hair and body. Read on to find out all about Moroccan Argan oil and why you should use it.

What Can You Use Argan Oil For?

This oil has many uses. It can be used for moisturising, for dry, scaly skin, and for hair. Argan oil can even be used to soothe burns. Many products in the United States today contain the serum which can be used for beautifying and cooking. It’s important that women and men both know all about Moroccan Argan oil because of its valuable moisturising and healing properties.

The oil is a main source of vitamin E and carotene, making it nourishing to skin and hair, and 80% unsaturated fatty acids, which makes it ideal for cooking. Since Argan oil is naturally rich in antioxidants it can also be used in the treatment of acne. Vitamin E helps to balance out the skin and control oil, which can cause build-up in the skin and then acne. A daily skincare regimen that includes Moroccan Argan oil can help reduce breakouts and inflammation.

More Benefits of This Liquid Gold

Another benefit to Argan oil is that it’s a natural solution for skin disorders such as psoriasis and dry, cracking skin. The oil nurtures the skin and provides immediate relief when used properly. It can be rubbed into the scalp, massaged into skin, and gently applied to troublesome areas. Many expensive topical ointments are filled with chemicals and are harmful to the environment. Argan oil is a natural solution for these types of ailments.

Not only is it highly prized for its beneficial properties, but Argan oil also has socio-economic benefits. Currently it helps keep employed over two million people in regions that support Argan tree growth.

Knowing the essentials and all about Moroccan Argan oil makes it easy to see why this oil is so beneficial to our bodies. Including Argan oil into one’s daily diet and cooking habits can be nothing but beneficial, so be sure to reap the benefits of this age old beauty secret. Visit to learn more